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International Staffing Group believes the best resume is the
one that accurately and persuasively tells your professional
history.  Interstaffing will work with each individual candidate to
make certain the resume submitted to the employer meets
these criteria. In general terms, your resume should include:
People . . .
International Staffing
  • Contact .  Include your current phone number(s), physical address, and your e-mail address
    at   the top of your resume.        

  • Professional Experience . This is the heart of your resume. List each and one of the
    companies (including location city and state) with the position you've held in reverse
    chronological order. If you've held multiple positions within the same company, list every
    position. Be sure to include the month and the year of when you started and left each
    position. Underneath each position include a brief description of your role, responsibilities,
    and then what you personally accomplished in the job. Show that you've gotten results and
    solved problems within the organization. You'll want to provide more details on your most
    recent position.

  • Education . The education area of your resume should include the institution's name and
    location, along with your degree and the year you obtained it. Beyond that, you can include
    educational honors, seminars and certifications, and list achievements such as projects,
    awards, and grade-point average (Do not include elementary, Junior high or Preps schools).

* Resume tips .                                                                        
-- Make sure you send your resume in English, "Word" document , never send
 your resume in Excel or Power Point.                                                               
-- Limit your resume to three pages max and include your name and phone number
on both pages.
-- Do not include personal information such as birth date, health, passport number, etc.
-- Do not include your photo or other graphics.                                             
-- Do not include old or irrelevant experience.
Executive Search and Human Capital Development
Objectives . Your objective statement should be a brief statement that shows employers you   
know what you want and you know how to get it. Ultimately it depends on your situation, your
level of experience, and your desired position.    
We are leaders in Executive Search for Fortune 500 world class companies along the
U.S. Mexico border, the interior of Mexico and Latin America.
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Hot Open Positions:


Materials Manager
Automotive Industry - Baja Calif.

Engineer Manager
Electronic Industry - Sonora

Senior Planner - Tijuana, Mexico

Senior Lab. Test Engineer
Aerospace Industry - Mexicali

Distribution Center Leader
Automotive Industry - Edo. de Mex.

Customer Quality Engineer
Tijuana, Mexico